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Sensation play is a fun way to get kinky with or without impact play or bondage. This box is all about experimenting!From sensory deprivation using blindfolds/cuffs, to using a variety of textures in unexplored areas, you're sure to enjoy opening this box together! It's time to take your sensations to another level, whether to a painful extreme or as part of power and control.For some people, the purpose isn’t to finish with sex, it’s simply to enjoy the sensations the play causes. Like all other forms of kink, you can try it on a spectrum from light play with feathers to more extreme play. What matters most is that both you and your partner build a good level of communication and trust so that you understand what is allowed and what isn’t in your kinky play. Take care of each other and play safe so that you can keep trying new things and new sensations. If you experiment enough, you’ll find some kind of sensation you enjoy whether it’s soft and sensual or rough and painful - or something in between.Whats included?

- Leather Blindfold

- Leather Cuffs

- Leather Collar

- Stainless Steel Chain Leash

- Leather Flogger

- Stainless Steel Anal Plug

- Wartenberg Wheel

- Black Ostritch Feather

**These boxes are very limited and will not be restocked once sold out**

Sensation Play Box

Out of Stock
  • 100% Genuine Leather. Stainless Steel Harware. Handmade in Victoria BC.

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